Live Tutorials

When a new session is organised it will appear in the Tutorials section of SyriaScholar, you can book a tutorial session by registering and logging in. Once booked, you will receive an email outlining the topic of the tutorial, the scheduled date and start time and a unique link to access the session. You can manage your booking in the My Tutorials section, please attend all sessions you book, places are limited so if you can no longer attend please cancel your booking in advance.

It is essential that you have a very fast and reliable internet connection. We recommend at the very minimum a 0.5 Mbits/sec – which is 500 Kbits/sec – upstream bandwidth, and (at least) 1 Mbits/sec download bandwidth. A wired connection is normally always best.

When the start time arrives for your session, simply login to SyriaScholar and click on the link you received via email. You should aim to login 5 minutes before the scheduled start time for the session. You will need to wait until the tutor logs into the session and when this happens you will automatically login.

Once you have logged in, a pop up message will appear asking how do you want to join the audio? Click “Listen Only” (see figure below). You can active your audio later in the lesson if the tutor asks you to, otherwise if you want to ask a question you can simply type it in the chat box, or use the “raise your hand” button.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 22.22.53

Using the learning interface

When logged in, you will be able to see the presentation slides uploaded by your tutor in the centre of the screen. You will also be able to hear live audio from the tutor throughout the presentation. To avoid causing noise for others, please mute your microphone when you first log in.

You can ask questions to the tutor directly by typing messages in the box in the lower right corner of the screen. You can also see questions that other students have asked in the chat box just above this. If you would like to inform the tutor that you have a question, you can raise your hand by clicking the hand symbol on the left side of the screen.

snapshot copy

When the tutorial has finished, simply click the “logout” button on the top right to exit the session.

Register to teach

If you are a qualified clinician and want to deliver teaching on SyriaScholar please Apply Here